by Dunder-P ft. NOHRA

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Demo song for NOHRA -Hell Above-.
About an abusive and one-sided relaionship that people pretend is fine.


Where are you? - どこいるの
Are you Here? ここいるの
What would you like to know?
That's strange isn't it 変だな
I can't remember my bad 和すれちゃった
This life is being destroyed このライフを破壊すちゃった
Your heart is killing me あなたのこころわぼくをKilling
I don't know 分からない
Understood 分かりました
We should have never been together
I didn't understand it either ぼくも分かりませんでした
I just can't do it 出来ないもん
I want it to end
DIEshiteru I'm not speaking DIEしてる 話しません
DIEshiteru I'm not speaking DIEしてる 話しません
You've ruined me
You've ended me
Let's drink and 飲むぞと
Let's go 行くぞ
Goodbye さよなら
My Love


released September 18, 2016
Special Credit to ANGST for letting me use her bank!




Dunder-P New York

16 year old from New York making Beep-Boopy music with Beep-Boopy Singers!
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